AusieLife: Great Barrier Reef

“The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living organism in the world” is what you will hear quite often in Australia, either through a person or on a big sign as you drive around Queensland. To be perfectly honest the reef was the no.1 thing on my list of things to visit while in Oz, so when we drove into Port Douglas at 6:45 am on the day of our trip, I was very much excited!!


When picking where and with what company to do a trip to the reef, we were literally faced with 100 different options. We had seen all the advertisements while driving through Cairns, and decided it would be worth out money to go with a charter in Port Douglas. It only would take us about an hour and half to get to the outer reefs from Port Douglas, giving us more time to enjoy our snorkeling adventure. You want to pick the outer reefs for the most lively corals, as we were informed that the inner reefs have been quite extensively damaged with time and have suffered from bleaching.


Personally I didn’t know much about the effect of tourism to the reef, and I didn’t want to pick a tour that I would later regret. We researched online and read reviews and comments, and in the end we chose Poseidon. They met my expectations with everything they offered and the fact that they have a Marine biologist on board made me very comfortable with choosing them.


This full day tour includes a full day of snorkeling, or diving for an extra charge, with refreshments and lunch along the way. Everyone get all the info on the upcoming dive sites, gets fitted with equipment and by the end of all the introductions we had arrived to the first reef location. It was everything expected and more, as Scott was free diving down and taking photos of the fish, I was content to sit an float along with him.

We were advised to wear Lycra suit for protection from the reef (scratches and such) and jellyfish, since no season is “no jellyfish” season here. Everyone was very respectful towards the reef, corrals and fish, as we swam mesmerized by the sites that surrounded us. As we got back on the boat to go to the next 2 sites, the marine biologist went over more information about what we should look for and what to avoid if we have to (puffer fish-adorable but deadly).

This tour gets “5 thumbs up” from Scott and I! By the end of the day, we were quite exhausted and happy for an amazing time out in the water. And even though we didn’t get a photo of the sea turtle we saw ( go pro broke, go figure) we had an amazing time! And after so much play, it is time to go off to the Atherton Tablelands and experience a quiet farm life!!



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