AusieLife: Cairns, Port Douglas & Kuranda

Things we loved in Cairns:



Most of our time in Cairns was spent walking the botanical garden. Given that when we were there the Lagoon was under renovation (boo) and after a short walk along the coast and jetty we decided to enjoy the sunshine walking the parks. It is quite a gorgeous park, and the best part was it that it was FREE! it is amazing the things you can do on the cheap sometimes and I absolutely love that most of the botanical gardens in the bigger cities are free. For information about anything really we always stop at the info centres, usually marked by a big blue i along the highway. This has been our main source of planing material, since internet is scarce and so is power in our little home on wheels.

Things we loved in Port Douglas:



We had a chance to spend few days in Port Douglas for a change, and on 2 separate occasions. The main strip offers a lot of unique stores with gifts and anything else your heart desires, as well as many restaurants and pubs. We got lucky enough to have a chance to go out for some delicious Thai food with our traveling nomad friends, which made our stay even more enjoyable. Port Douglas is where we took a tour of the great barrier reef ( as mentioned in our previous post) so it was quite busy during our stay there, with tourists swarming to the dock to enjoy the multitudes of tours and sailings around. The main beach is long and sandy and perfect for a walk or just a leisurely suntan spot.

Things we loved in Kuranda:



Kangaroos, waterfalls, ocean views, mountain walks, markets…oh so many markets! I lost count at the amount of markets that Kuranda offers, and they have so many unique shops filled with hand-made items for the regions. Here we saw the most abundance of Aboriginal art galleries, for anyone that hasn’t seen Australian Aboriginal art you are missing out! I still regret not buying anything from the galleries as we havent seen better collection on our trip again.
The campsite we stayed at was frequently visited by few curious kangaroos, who loved Scott (the damn animal whisperer) as they followed him around hoping he would feed them, and letting him scratch behind their ears few times. It was quite amazing how inquisitive and ADORABLE they were. We ended up staying 4 days in Kuranda after only planning to stay a day, mostly to hang out with the kangaroos, but also it is a good home base for all the walks we did and it is very close to Cairns.


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