PhotoLife : I am back!

After months of chasing waterfalls in Australia we are finally home… that means lots of new exciting photos to come and many, many stories of our trip. I can’t wait to share with you all. But for now, Photo 1 of my Red Dress series, done by my one and only. Namaste. Advertisements

Falling in love with the Atherton Tablelands

If you like rolling hills covered with fog, cows leisurely feeding on the plains while the barns in the background look like they have lasted the test of time, you will LOVE the Atherton Tablelands. We got the recommendation to come here by a fellow traveller that loved it as much as we now do. With…

PhotoLife: Image of the day

One day I will buy a farm and it will look something very similar to this beautiful spot. Until then I will just daydream to this image as my wallpaper. Where will you life in 5 years?

AusieLife: Cairns, Port Douglas & Kuranda

Things we loved in Cairns:     Most of our time in Cairns was spent walking the botanical garden. Given that when we were there the Lagoon was under renovation (boo) and after a short walk along the coast and jetty we decided to enjoy the sunshine walking the parks. It is quite a gorgeous…

PhotoLife: Image of the day

We Canadians are not afraid of the rain and fog (jokes) so I find it refreshing when the sun is not burning my head and the mist reinvigorates me!! Who else loves the rain? xoxo Viki

3 Reasons to try HelpX

When we started planing our little adventure we looked into many different options on what we could do when it came to working in Australia. There are many opportunities here for travelers, especially for people that have a one year working holiday visa. One thing we kind of decided on a whim is that we wanted…

PhotoLife: Image of the day

There is no better feeling than the feeling of sand between your toes. As we bounce from one town to another we try to stop for lunch and enjoy a beach or two! What is your favorite beach? xoxo Viki

AusieLife: Great Barrier Reef

“The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living organism in the world” is what you will hear quite often in Australia, either through a person or on a big sign as you drive around Queensland. To be perfectly honest the reef was the no.1 thing on my list of things to visit while in Oz,…

AusieLife: Noah Beach camping adventures

We made it!! As far up the east coast as our little 2 wheel drive van would take us, literally making it to the end of the road. After this is all unsealed roads that lead to Cooktown, only accessible by 4 wheel dive. It has taken us few weeks of straight driving to get…

PhotoLife: Image of the day

That one time we got lost in the sand dunes. We have been on the road for quite a while now and finally we have some internet connection ( YAY ) so stay tuned for many posts in the coming weeks!!